Stealth Custom Seat Cushion

The redesigned and re-imagined custom seating brings the best of Stealth with more streamlined design, better materials and simplistic ordering process.

We have re-evaluated the complex rehab process to be able to offer this new line of custom seat cushions that we hope will cover all the basics, plus other challenges along the way. The Custom Seat Cushion is an adaptable seat cushion.

Illustration showing three contact options for the cushion cover: Air Mesh, Coolcore, and Stealth-Tek.

Custom Seat Cushion Cover Options

The cushion covers consist mostly of three materials. The contact (top side), non-contact (sides) and anti-slip (bottom side). The non-contact materials (sides and bottom) are always the same, but for the contact material we offer three variations: Coolcore®, Stealth-Tek and Air Mesh.

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Foam Options

The initial structure for the seat cushion foam consist of the base layer and the lower layer. Each foam layer can have a thickness for up to 2in (5.08cm) at 1/2in (12.70mm) increments. If additional thickness or layers are required just contact one of our representatives.

The custom seat cushion have several layers of comfort to choose from, most of them with SunMate® FRG technology.

Contour and Anthi-Thrust Options

Cushion Formats

Stealth's custom seat cushions allow you to create a personalized experience. With a range of options from anti‑thrust, abduction, adduction or none at all.

The contouring for the seat cushion is handled under the main layers and right above the base foam to avoid any discomfort but maintaining, at the same time, a solid and static configuration.

Showing the i-Style and Leg Length Discrepancy options.

Special Configurations

The custom seat cushion can be modified with special cut-outs and reliefs. From growth notches for depth growth, to Ischial relief modification, with these modifications the custom seat cushion extends the posibilities of comfort and growth adaptation.

Available Configurations

  • Growth Notches for depth growth
  • i-Style for pelvic support growth
  • Leg Length Discrepancy
  • Hamstring Relief
  • Ischial Relief with two gel insert options:
    • Viscous Gel
    • Ultra-Lite Gel
Simple and easy mounting options

Aluminum Seat Pan

The aluminum seat pan has been tested to match custom cushion weight maximum support of 350lb. The seat pan is black anodized powder coated.

Also this seat pan will match cushion dimensions except if any special cut-out is requested such as the Hamstring Relief, in this case the seat pan could be either 1in (2.54cm) or 2in (5.08cm) shorter than the seat total depth.

Rigidizer ACM

The Custom Seat Cushion will utilize the same rigidizer as the Stealth Cushion. Takes up “hammocking” in the sling to provide a stable flat surface for the cushion.

Comes in 3 widths and it is rated for 350lb weight capacity.

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